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At the Felipe González Foundation we are working with these twin objectives. We believe that knowing how to interpret our history is the key to an understanding of what we are now living through and at the same time, the best way in which to open up a different future.

At the Felipe González Foundation we are constantly under construction. Our challenge is to make all of our knowledge and experience of the recent past available for everyone so that society –with the tools of the present– is able to develop opportunities for the future.

We have twin missions and these are to place the past in the hands of everyone and not just those who lived through it, while helping to make the future one of prosperity for everyone and not just for the few.

Linking up the generations on the basis of experience

All of this will help us to build projects, support ideas for the future and provide us with a nexus which contributes reflections, innovation and knowledge of important matters, rigorously and transparently handled.


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